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 Calo Fett's Beginnings

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PostSubject: Calo Fett's Beginnings   Sun Jul 25, 2010 7:43 pm

Not many of us have the pleasure of knowing what growing up with no parents and on the streets feels like. Be it good or bad, Calo Fett was given that pleasure. Never knowing his parents, Calo raised himself on the streets and back alleyways of Tatooine. This harsh child-hood gave him the skills and survivability tactics needed to make it in a war torn galaxy. It also added to his buyilt up anger and general hate for most of the people he came in contact with. As a young adult Calo become know for two things at the many Tatooine cantinas: his ability to get women and his skills with a blaster. While this popularity did not seem big to him at first it was one of the many reasons other Bounty Hunters noticed him. He hated them, yet wanted to be one of them so badly. That was when he knew what he was ment to do.
After joining the A'den Ai Puii, Calo was given his first mission: to take out a Jedi. He accepted it with open arms, ready to shoot anything that got in his way. Upon reaching the Jedi's home planet Calo took stock of his ammo and prepared himself. He knew it was not going to be easy taking on a Jedi, but he was up for the task. Calo used the locals to find out where the Jedi was and put togeather his plan to take him out. After a few days of watching the Jedi and learning his patterns Calo made his strike. It was a dark night when he took the first shot at the Jedi. However, Calo was not ready for what the Jedi did next. He spun around, deflected the shot, and force pushed Calo off the top of the building he was standing on. Calo, at the last second, hit is jetpack on and bairly survived the three story fall. On his feet again, Calo charged the Jedi thinking he could out fight him. In the Dark alley all that could be seen was Calo's blaster fire and the Jedi's blue lightsabor. Calo dodged the first few swings, but took a hit across his right eye causing him to stumble and fall. As the Jedi stood over him about to make the killing blow, Calo spun around and sweeped his leg out from under him causing the Jedi to fall and drop his lightsabor. Calo then took the lightsabor and ran it through the Jedi's heart, killing him with his own weapon. From that point on Calo Fett became known for his abilities to take out Jedi and, since most of his kills happened during the night, Calo was given the nickname "Midnight Hunter". Calo Fett still cares that lightsabor from his first kill, not only as a reminder of how the Jedi almost bested him, but also as a new weapon.
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Calo Fett's Beginnings
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