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 The Continuing of Galak Kane

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PostSubject: The Continuing of Galak Kane   Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:21 am

Part One

The story of Galak Kane is somewhat unique compared to those of other Sith. It began the same as most others however. He was discovered at a very young age, when he was just an infant actually. Sith assassins were exploring the massive Dune Sea on the desert planet of Tattoine, when they both sensed something strong in the force.

They were both lead to a large but poor family living on the outskirts of a close-by settlement. They were able to trace the high levels of the force to the youngest of the family, a male infant, one of six children. The assassins knew that, in the Sith's constant military tension with the Republic, they couldn't afford to let the Jedi get their hands on more force-sensitives.

The assassins came back to the home and kidnapped the child the next night, using the force to not be seen breaking into the house. They assassins quickly took off for Korriban where the child would eventually begin training as soon as he came of age.
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Herman Mermon

Herman Mermon

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PostSubject: Re: The Continuing of Galak Kane   Wed Jul 28, 2010 3:09 pm

Part Two
New Beginnings

Once the Sith assassins had captured the child, they departed for the Sith homeworld of Korriban. There, the child would be nursed by physician's, droids and Sith alike. It was here that the head Sith at the academy would give him the name Galak Kane. He would remain there under watchful eyes until deemed ready to begin training as a Sith.

Somewhere between the ages of 3 and 5, Galak had been called into his first level of training. It was here that his instructors would notice his particular skill with multiple blades, both double-bladed and dual-wielding. In his basic training Galak would also learn standard control and channeling of the force, and a few lower level force abilites. In the dueling ring, he displayed an impressive amount of aggression in his fighting, but also managed to strike fluently. He was often able to also control his anger to an extent in order to perform defense when necessary, but not always. It was in the dueling ring that Galak recieved a large cut from the left side of his forehead to his cheek from a vibroblade strike, essentially blinding him in his left eye and eventually causing it to turn colorless and white; one of the few times Galak had been bested in a duel. Along with his few accomplishments Galak also exceeded in intelligence and strategy, showing that he had potential to not only be a great warrior, but a great leader.

One unknown master in particular expressed much interest in him and his potential, and so when Galak passed his trials and became a Sith, the unknown master had requested for Galak as his apprentice. The master's request was granted and he confronted Galak regarding this aquisition shortly after.


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Herman Mermon

Herman Mermon

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PostSubject: Re: The Continuing of Galak Kane   Wed Jul 28, 2010 10:21 pm

Part Three
Young Lion

Now that Galak had passed the basic first level of training and the trials he needed a master in order to move on. Luckily, one master in particular had expressed great interest in his progression during his first degree training and was just as eager to become his master as Galak was to become his apprentice.

Under his new master, Galak began to further his skills in dual-bladed melee combat. His master taught him the forms Juyo (Double-bladed) and Jar'Kai (Dual-Wielding) to help him eventually master both double-bladed and dual-wielding. As far as force training Galak's master taught him a variety of powers; Force Jump, Force Push (Eventually Advanced to Force Wave), Force Stun (Eventually Advanced to Force Stasis), Force Speed, Saber Throw and ultimately Force Concealment (Ability to not be recognized as a force-sensitive by other force-sensitives). Throughout many years of practicing, Galak would even come to learn Battle Meditation, Deadly Sight (Ability to deal damage to someone by merely looking & concentrating on them with his colorless left eye -See Part Two-) and Force Shatterpoint (Ability to see weak spots in an enemy/battle and capitalize on them).

After extensive training and tests, Galak was deemed adequately prepared to take on a real-world mission. His first mission ever was to travel to the planet of Coruscant and eliminate a small gang of arrogant Sith academy rejects who hung around the lower, dilapidated part of the main city. The only issues with this, the gang consisted of upwards of 20 members and was growing every day, and Galak also needed to be careful not to be detected by any Jedi on the planet. Luckily he had been taught Force Concealment and the lower city was usually not visited by the upper class such as Jedi. After taking a day of rest to meditate and be at full strength, Galak Kane was off to Coruscant.

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Herman Mermon

Herman Mermon

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PostSubject: Re: The Continuing of Galak Kane   Thu Jul 29, 2010 12:09 pm

(Just a little heads up that dialogue will be introduced in this episode.)
Part Four
Out On The Road

Galak Kane was readily awaiting his first mission during his flight to Coruscant. He landed in a little-known hangar which stood a good distance away from the Jedi Temple in order not to be dragged into any battles he could not manage at this time. On top of his landing location he was also equipping, of what he had learned so far, Force Concealment, making it even more difficult to be tracked down by Jedi. He had his whole mission planned out days in advance.

Galak left the hangar bay donning some worn out robes so as not to draw attention to himself in his journey to the gang's headquarters in the lower city. He was making good time until he sensed a young Jedi, younger than he, who appeared to be merely a novice padawan. The young Jedi must have just barely sensed Galak's prescence through the Force, but that did not explain why he was alone. A Jedi at his point in training should not be on his own, especially when tracking a Sith in this part of the city, clearly a mistake on the padawan's part. Though Galak knew he could not go out and kill this Jedi in the open public, he saw no reason why he should not punish the young Jedi for this mistake. Galak pulled out a thermal detonator from his pocket that he had no intention of using against the gang. Galak made his way to a small alley and toned down his Force Concealment for a brief moment so the Jedi would pick up a stronger sense of where Galak was. Galak then set up his thermal detonator on a wall and Galak entered a cantina through a door in the alley. As soon as he sensed the young Jedi turn the corner to enter the alley Galak detonated the bomb, causing the cantina to tremble and the wall opposite the cantina to blow completely open. The Jedi was sent back from the force of the blast and was knocked unconscious. With that distraction disposed of Galak was off to the gang's base once again.

Galak walked another few blocks until he found a stairwell leading to a large black door at the bottom. He knew this was the place. He noticed a bouncer guarding the door. This man clearly was not going to allow him entrance so Galak realized he would have to kill him as quick and quiet as possible. At that moment, Galak proceeded down the first step of the stairs.

Bouncer: "That's one step too many there, pal. Dont make me..."

Right after the bouncer said those words, Galak used Force Stun to freeze him in place. As soon as Galak reached the bottom of the stairs, he pulled out one of his lightsabers, using his body to hide it from pedestrians walking past the top of the stairs. He put the emitter of the lightsaber up against the bouncer's torso, ignited it and then quickly turned it off in order to avoid anyone seeing it. He released the bouncer from stasis and was on his way through the door.


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Herman Mermon

Herman Mermon

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PostSubject: Re: The Continuing of Galak Kane   Sat Jul 31, 2010 11:21 am

Part Five
Jumping into the Fire

Galak Kane made his way through the door after taking out the bouncer outside and saw nearly thirty surprised-turned-bloodthirsty faces staring back at him. He made his way, calm and unintimidated, closer to the group of people within.

"How'd you get past the doorman?" One of the people asked.
"He is dead." Kane replied.
"Where is your leader?" Kane asked. A path soon formed within the group of people, with a man emerging from the opening in the crowd.
"What the hell are you doing here in our base? The punishment for breaking in and killing a gang member is death, you know. We Sith don't step down." Said the leader.
"You are not Sith." Kane replied. "That is why I was sent here. This embarrassment of a gang does not have the authority to be called by that name. And we can't afford to have the Republic think we are infiltrating their capital planet, it could interfere with actual Sith plans. They could accidentally think a gang of Sith academy rejects are a part of us."
"So you are a Sith." Said the leader. "What makes you so high and mighty compared to us? We are just as much Sith as you are, and I can prove it by killing you here."

The gang leader then drew a vibroblade from his side and attempted to strike him, but Galak quickly pulled out his dual lightsabers and blocked the man's strike. While keeping the leader's vibroblade busy with one lightsaber to block the first strike, his second was free to attack and with that, the gang leader was decapitated within seconds of drawing his weapon.

The rest of the gang was in utter shock. Not only was their leader killed before their eyes within seconds, but the mysterious intruder was a force-sensitive. About half of the members drew their weapons in fear, and the other half ran for their lives. Galak leaped over the members who stayed to fight and chased the runaways first. He caught up to the group of cowards and cut off at least one leg from each of them to keep them from running any further.

He then turned to face the ones who were willing to stay and fight saying, "Look at these men, cowards. They will be left here to die a slow and painful death. You at least have honor, so I will grant you quick and painless deaths."

Galak then charged into battle with a a little more than ten adversaries and had killed all of them in a matter of minutes. Just as he said he would do, he left the badly injured members of the gang who ran from him in the beginning to suffer and die slow and painful deaths. After that, he was on his way back to his ship to return to Korriban from a successful mission.


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Herman Mermon

Herman Mermon

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PostSubject: Re: The Continuing of Galak Kane   Mon Aug 02, 2010 9:34 pm

Part Six
Rising Challenges

Galak finally returned to his ship in the hangar bay after completing his first real-world mission. He got back on his ship and set course for Korriban to return to his master with the sweet smell of success and more importantly, to rise to greater opportunities and difficulties whatever they may be.

Galak returned to Korriban and was greeted by his master at the Sith academy hangar.
"Well done, young Kane." Said his master, immediately knowing Galak's mission was successful. "I assume the gang was not a problem for you?"
"Nearly half of them attempted to flee at the sight of their dead leader, master." Said Kane, somewhat disappointed. "It was as if I were fighting against a gang of gizkas."
"I expect no mercy was shown to the cowards who fled?" Said his master.
"No, master. I simply disabled their legs and left them to suffer in their cowardice." Replied Kane.
"Good." Said his master in a satisfied voice. "Come, walk with me while we discuss this."

They began to walk from the hangar towards his master's sanctuary.
"Remember what I have taught you, young apprentice. "One who shows no honor, must be shown no mercy". Remember that saying, it is the true gospel of the proper way of life." Stated his master.
"I know master, I follow that code every day and will always follow it. I would like to request your permission for a more challenging assignment." Replied Kane.
"I know, in due time. I can see the eagerness in your eyes. You must learn some patience. After all you'll need a bit more training for your next mission, it will be quite a step up from your first one." His master said, grinning at Galak.

Soon the two had reached the master's sanctuary where a majority of Galak's training had taken place.
"If you wish, you can begin your continued training right now." Said his master as he pulled out a pair of training sabers from his weapons room, gave one to Galak and kept the other one for himself. "Come out into the training yard with me young apprentice. Your entire training and preparation for your next mission will be sparring with me. I will practice against you using every known lightsaber form, and you will learn how to properly fight against each."
Galak looked surprised, but then realized what this all meant. But before he could say anything but mere fragments of words, his master said to him, "That's correct young apprentice, your next mission will involve a Jedi. A number of upcoming missions will, in fact."
"Thank you, master." Said Kane. "I will train tirelessly. I will..."
"I want you to know, this first mission involves the assassination of multiple Jedi, one is even a master I believe. So the council has decided you be in a group of five other Sith." His master said hesitantly.
"Well, how many Jedi are we expected to eliminate?" Kane asked.
"You have been ordered to kill a master, her apprentice and an additional Jedi knight." Replied his master.
"But five against three is a dishonorable fight, master." Said Kane, surprised.
"I know, I know. But in these times of bitterness with the Republic and the Jedi, we can't afford to lose any valuable Sith. Plus, one is a highly skilled master, that is equivalent to nearly three standard Jedi." Replied his master.
"I suppose, master. I will abide by the will of our council." Kane said in a disappointed manner.
"Very good, now we must begin training, we have less than a month to prepare for your first battle with a Jedi." Said his master. Galak's training began at that point.

His master had briefly taught Galak all seven main lightsaber forms and some extra techniques but he mainly trained Galak how to properly fight against each and recognize patterns in each form. It was here, with the help of training against each lightsaber form, that Galak also began to develop Force Precognition, the ability to see ahead into a battle. He would later evolve this into Force Shatterpoint, the most advanced form of Precognition. Galak was taught proper fighting techniques against each form. After each one, his master would use that form against Galak in a sparring match where the first one to hit their opponent was the winner. When Galak had won ten matches against his master under the current lightsaber form, they would move on to the next until Galak was well trained to fight against all forms. The time for Galak's first mission against Jedi soon arrived.

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PostSubject: Re: The Continuing of Galak Kane   

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The Continuing of Galak Kane
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