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 The story of Calben Hawk

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PostSubject: The story of Calben Hawk   Sun Aug 22, 2010 1:23 pm

Calben Hawk was born in a remote mandalorian village on Mandalore. Precursor to the Mandalorian Wars, Calben Hawk's parents were notorius of being Jedi killers and passed a few of their traits onto Calben Hawk. The jedi eventually came to aprehend Calben's parents when he was only 5. However the jedi Knight who was sent there was not properly trained in how to arrest a strong willed opponent unwilling to leave without causing harm. The arrest ended in tragedy with both calben's parents dead as well as the jedi knight. Only jedi knight's apprentice and Calben leaved the scene unharmed.

Several years later Calben(who had sworn an oath against the jedi) began to track down the apprentice. By now he was a fully fledged jedi knight. As the jedi kingh ws walking along in the jedi temple's entrence Calben ran up to hime and exclaimed that his wife was being mugged by thugs. As soon as the jedi knight found a dead body(planted by Calben) Calben quickly injected sevreal potent toxins into the jedi knocking him out cold. The jedi knight was never seen again.

Several jedi were sent to investagate the disapperence of their jedi comrade on the remote planet of onderon.(Several locals had seen a man carrying a robed figure through the jungle). Calben used gureilla war tactics against the jedi but still suffered grave injuries whic are still visible today. It is almost impossible looking at him straight in the eyes.
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The story of Calben Hawk
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